Market Development

Kievit Scientific markets your life science products and services to a broad audience based on strategies designed for your company’s unique needs.

Partner & Alliance Matching

Building relationships is paramount to a successful project. Kievit Scientific makes full use of our network to find the best partners to ensure your success internationally.

International Expansion

Kievit Scientific provides all support necessary to establish your international office. This assistance includes: corporate registration, administration, accounting, and human resources. We will support you so that your business will proceed smoothly from day one.


1. Free Consultation

Your initial consultation with Kievit Scientific is free. It is your first step to achieving your goals. Please fill out the contact form to start the process.

2. Proposal

Kievit Scientific evaluates your projects and creates a customized plan for your success.

3. Project Launch

Kievit Scientific is your partner in seamlessly putting the plan into action.


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Life Science Specialists

Kievit Scientific specializes in life science businesses, including new drugs, personalized medicine, genomic science, cell biology, clinical medicine, and bioinformatics.

Overseas Network

Our team has spent more than 30 years developing life science businesses in North America, Europe, and Asia.

East Coast Office

Our home base is located in suburban Philadelphia, the center of the East Coast life science region. This provides easy access to our North American and European networks.

SNS Marketing

Our expertise in SNS Marketing delivers information directly and quickly to clients.

Operational Expertise

We understand all aspects of running an international business, including sales, administration, accounting, logistics, and more.


We provide individualized service at a competitive price.

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