”The support from Kievit Scientific has become crucial at Kyoto Drug Discovery & Development. Through their expert knowledge and meticulous assistance, we were able to navigate the NIH grant application process smoothly. Recently, we established our U.S. office at CIC Philadelphia with Kievit Scientific’s assistance, benefiting from their local network and resources, allowing us to swiftly initiate our operations. As we proceed with the phase II clinical trials of KUS121 in the U.S., exploring its potential as a treatment for Central Retinal Artery Occlusion (CRAO), we have received outstanding guidance that was beyond our expectations. We are confident that the sustained support from Kievit Scientific will be a significant driving force behind our success.”

— Dr. Kunihiro Musashi M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Evangelist
Mr. Sakae Muto, CEO
Kyoto Drug Discovery & Development Co., Ltd.


“Mr. Hoshiba, the CEO of Kievit Scientific, has unique experience in the life sciences industry having worked in Japan, Europe, and the US. Despite his invaluable experience, he has shown respect and sincerity towards even small startups like ours. We are thrilled to have encountered Kievit Scientific led by such a person, which gives our company immense confidence and reassurance for the future. We look forward to taking the first steps in our US expansion with the support of Kievit Scientific, aiming to realize our technology’s promise of “a world where neurodegenerative diseases can be treated” and to quickly bring the products born from this vision to society.”

Dr. Norihiro Yumoto, Ph.D., co-CEO of Jiksak Bioengineering Inc.


“Not only did Mr. Hoshiba provide us with heartfelt advice on the challenges our company faces as we aim to expand in the US, but he also contributed to the approach to target markets we hadn’t considered and helped in network building. We are profoundly grateful. Mr. Hoshiba has a wealth of experience in the US healthcare business, but he also has a deep understanding of companies based in Japan. This made it easy to discuss our situation, as he provided advice with our context in mind.”

Ms. Chiake Waki, CEO of CoreTissue BioEngineering Inc.